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Marry Barra the CEO of GM Announces the EV line of Vehiles for 2023

This piece of news from GM is a positive and a welcoming sign to the auto market, as the global warming and climate change is occurring at an alarming rate, needing to do the right thing by the planet is crucial. As Tesla was the only car company so far in the market for EV vehicles there was not much of a choice for the consumers , This is a good start for the car market as it will even the playing feild, until more and more car companies come into the market in 2023 and beyond. Hopefully this move towards EV vehicles will also give some pause to the climate change, and initiate a positive climate change for the coming years.

Image by Samuele Errico Piccarini

Atlanta Technology Angels1mo • 1 month ago


Thank you Vinod Kettay - CEO of Vectra Automation, Inc. for a great presentation at the ATA October Member Meeting! Vectra Automation, Inc. delivers breakthrough Robotic Process Automation solutions for 3D CAD Engineering Design workflow.

Vectra News

Our CEO Vinod Kettay in a candid interview with Metis Automation which is UK’s foremost Software Architects with a passion to solve manufacturers challenges.

Hope you all enjoy listening


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