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CAD Application Engineer -SolidWorks Customization Developers


Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

1. Create and build custom SolidWorks libraries and Interfaces to integrate with the Vectra Auto2D and the PPM RPA product
2. Create Feature recognition mathematical algorithms using SolidWorks Model interface and topology-based API's
3. Write Drawing Customization programs using the SolidWorks Drawing Interface
4. Design, code, and test the built .Net applications within SolidWorks using C#.Net
5. Understand High-level design and convert it into scalable code
6. Create configurable XML and JSON files to migrate the RPA product to different customer specifications
7. Create Batch applications using SolidWorks Task Scheduler
8. Develop automated tests using NUnit.Net to augment any manual testing
9. Work with other development team members to understand the customer requirements and convert them into use cases and code
10. Identify and diagnose defects and bug fixes

About The Company

Vectra’s disruptive Auto2D  RPA uses Machine Learning to automatically generate Engineering Drawings (and/or 3D Annotation) from 3D CAD models. 

  • Time reduced from Weeks to Hours

  • Cost Savings - 50%

  • Dramatic Manufacturing Non - Conformance reduction

Auto2D , Configurable "Software Bots" for Tooling and Product Design Applications of Manufacturing sector( Automotive , Aerospace, Defense, Heavy Industry, etc) And The Architectural Engineering and Construction Sector.


  • The World's only RPA platform that Automates the generation of engineering drawings and /or 3D Annotation ( Powered by ML).

  •  Configurable for any Mechanical system. 

  • Plugs into any major CAD platform. 

  • $25B+ Annual BPO Global market

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