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CAD Application Engineer - NX Customization Developers


Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

* Experience: 4-6yrs

* Modeling and Drafting experience using Mechanical CAD package NXOpen customization.

* Excellent understanding of CAD Topology and B-Rep elements.

* Good exposure to CAD Assembly concepts.

* Knowledge of BIW Tooling is a plus

* Sound knowledge of object oriented concepts

* 3+ years of CAD Customization using C#.Net / VB.Net NXOpen, and UFunc

* GUI development using C#, Object List View, WPF, UI styler & Block styler in UGNX

* Sound knowledge of NXOpen APIs related to NX Drafting, Assembly, Objects, Model, Surface, and Geometry Properties.

* Knowledge of Inventor API's is a plus

* Must be well versed with Github SCM

* Must be pro-active and must have experience in designing applications for multiple OEM's / Configuration. 

* Must be well versed with XML files (reading, writing, and creating config files)

About The Company

Vectra’s disruptive Auto2D  RPA uses Machine Learning to automatically generate Engineering Drawings (and/or 3D Annotation) from 3D CAD models. 

  • Time reduced from Weeks to Hours

  • Cost Savings - 50%

  • Dramatic Manufacturing Non - Conformance reduction

Auto2D , Configurable "Software Bots" for Tooling and Product Design Applications of Manufacturing sector( Automotive , Aerospace, Defense, Heavy Industry, etc) And The Architectural Engineering and Construction Sector.


  • The World's only RPA platform that Automates the generation of engineering drawings and /or 3D Annotation ( Powered by ML).

  •  Configurable for any Mechanical system. 

  • Plugs into any major CAD platform. 

  • $25B+ Annual BPO Global market

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