As part of the development of Auto2D, Vectra engineers knew that to streamline and automate 2D Drawing generation, the source 3D models needed to be proofed for errors and naming-convention and other compliance aspects prior to running the conversion process. The best solution was to build those routines and validation data sets to run directly against the 3D model inside the CAD system. The result is a library of powerful modules that apply leading OEM Design Standards against 3D models to highlight hole alignment, wrong datum and other potential errors. These modules are available for stand-alone licensing as plug-ins to leading CAD systems, allowing design and manufacturing teams to save significant time and avoid costly errors before models are converted to Engineering Drawings.


The video below illustrates how the Hole Check Module automates the identification of Hole-related errors in the 3D CAD model and enables the user to quickly correct errors. The Alignment of Holes with mating Holes, Shafts and Slots are a major source of errors in the Design of custom Tooling & Equipment. Manually checking 3D models is slow, expensive and largely ineffective. With Auto2D, it's now a fraction of the time and cost.