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Automates the generation of Engineering Drawings for Mechanical Systems and Components. Auto2D is a powerful add-on to leading 3D CAD software platforms that uses scalable cloud-based processing to transform 3D models to 2D Engineering

Product Drawing Generation (with GD&T)

Introducing Auto2D                             

Manual 2D Engineering Drawing generation (and/or 3D Annotation) is an essential part of ​any Manufacturer’s Engineering design process - and it’s time-consuming, costly, and full of wasteful error detection and correction.  

Vectra’s disruptive Auto2D  RPA uses Machine Learning to automatically generate Engineering Drawings (and/or 3D Annotation) from 3D CAD models. 

Auto2D is an end-to-end solution that automates the generation of Engineering Drawings (and/or 3D Annotation) from 3D CAD models, making this error-prone, tedious work  simple, accurate and fast. Auto2D  integrates seamlessly with leading CAD platforms and is provided through Software-as-a-Service licensing, so set-up and deployment is quick, easy and  affordable.


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